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I'm an Independent Consultant. 

With tons of Experience. I work with some really AMAZING clients, including Northwell Health, Disney, Rockefeller Center, AOL, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Radio City, Boeing, Madison Square Garden, Madame Tussauds, Blue Man Group, and UNICEF.


I am versatile.  I’ve worked on every type of project, from web to outdoor banners. I designed overhead bin compartment covers for Boeing, packages for tree-shaped cookies for the Christmas tree ceremony party in Rockefeller center, and created bus wraps for Academy Buses.

Calm Under Pressure.  I can multitask under stress and stay sane and calm. After all, I was a member of El Al Airline security for over four years, and still remember how to defuse a bomb.


Collaboratively Independent.  I am able to work well both independently and as part of a team.

A Real Mensch. I’m fun to work with. I listen, I care, and I give my very best to every job.

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